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Discussion in 'MCAT Discussions' started by sb29, May 30, 2008.

  1. sb29

    sb29 2+ Year Member

    Jul 20, 2007
    Hello to all,

    I am a fresh graduate and finished undergrad in Biomedical Sciences with 3.834 GPA..I took the MCAT last year and scored in the low 20s..

    I recently signed up for the July 18th test date and now I begin to rant out a few questions :)

    1) When is the earliest I can submit my primaries?

    a) When re-writing my personal statement, would I have to address why I scored badly on my 1st mcat? or shud I ignore and focus on general experiences, classes, work exp etc only...?

    2) In my last year (between Fall 07 and Spr 08) I haven't done any research, volunteering, or anything..is that bad? I don't have any shadowing experience but I have had volunteering exp at a hospital and have had 2-3 lab assistant jobs...(the work-study ones...I dint do much or get to learn much :( ...)

    3)I applied for FAP (Fee Assistance Program)...does that weaken my

    4) I have read through the posts and it seems that EK bio book is popular to prep for Bio...( silly question...do you ppl suggest EK bio 1001 only or both (its BIO textbk and 1001) or do u think Kaplan is good enough??

    a) Shud I practice a lot with 1001 books or Kaplan's prac materials?

    5)Can one review the material and prep for the exam in a month?

    6) Ideally, how many prac tests shud u take? specifically, which AAMC ones?

    I have access to the Kaplan course materials and online class...and I have all the EK books...

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