Aug 8, 2013
Hi guys!

Congratulations for all those accepted this cycle so far!
With that being said, I was given acceptance into three schools, however, as I read over the terms of acceptance, I saw each school required us to finish out our degrees with a good academic grades. With that being said, this semester, I decided to take immunology, virology, determinative bacteriology, and etc... Pretty much hard graduate level courses as an undergrad. That combined with traveling out to interviews and etc made me fall behind in classes. So I'm going to be ending up with C's in every class. It's going to make my GPA drop by a lot. Do you think dental schools would withdraw their acceptances because of this? Have you heard of any that have done this? I'm freaking out that all my hard work these past three years can be destroyed by one semester. Thanks for any input guys!


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Jul 13, 2009
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If you're concerned about your grades, I'd recommend calling each school and seeing what they advise. It's not like you can hide it, you'll have to send in another transcript before you matriculate.