just wondering if anyone has received confirmation from Kansas that their file is complete. i know you can check what they've received on the website, but it doesn't tell you if your file is complete and that they've started processing it.

it says they got my app on 8/29 and my recs on 9/17 and i'm a resident, so i didn't have to pay

i'm just wondering if they send a letter or email...or should i just call them?

KU Brendan

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Jun 12, 2002
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I'll send the answer in a private message, but if anyone else needs to know the answer--or has any other questions about KU, feel free to send me a message directly :)



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Apr 4, 2001
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well, i just got a rejection from there... shouldn't have even applied as i'm from out of state... from a better state at that.


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Jun 15, 2002
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Here's the reply I got from Peggy when I tried to confim my status...I hope its just that she's overworked which she probably is...

Brendan if you could send to me what you sent to hedgehog whenever you find time that would be awesome
:) btw are you the same guy that gave the tour at the open house this summer?

OK, thank you.


>>> 09/18/02 09:15AM
To whomever it may concern:

I am currently reviewing my files and want to make sure my file is complete. The online application says that everything has been received by you but I realize that some schools like further explanation on some of the courses on my transcript (e.g. the World Cultures classes and the content of my Physics classes).

If you do have any additional questions about my application, feel free to contact me by email at: ****@baylor.edu or by phone (***-***-****


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