Nov 24, 2010
I have my mind set on reconstructing my GPA at a CUNY school because I can't afford anything else financially. I've heard good things about Hunter and submitted my CUNY app online listing only Hunter, as advised at their information session. Recently I found out I live closer to CCNY (I'm new to NYC:eek:) and they have a pre-health post-bacc program as well. So here are my questions, kind folks of SDN:

1. How do I add CCNY to my application?
I haven't turned in my transcripts, so my application isn't complete in their system, but it will not let me make changes or submit anoter application online.
2. Can I take classes at CCNY and be granted the registration priority and lower tuition as a post-bacc, after being accepted into Hunter?

Please please help because CUNY does not answer their phone calls.


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Apr 8, 2007
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Perhaps trying to submit a new application just for CCNY?

I did the hunter post-bacc program. I would stick with it if its not too much of a journey to travel. Hunter is in a pretty easily accessible area so traveling shouldn't be so bad. I lived in Queens, and made the journey!

The applications for Hunter and CCNY are not one in the same, meaning if you are a post-bacc at one, you are not a post-bacc at the other b/c the programs are different. If you were just simply attending as a non matriculating student, then you can switch off between the 2 schools (or any CUNY school for that matter) but there is a process for that and I am not sure what exactly it entails.

Also, the person who was the post-bacc director at CCNY relocated to Hunter a few years ago. and did a complete renovation of the program. However, she is no longer working at Hunter, but her replacement is excellent and is really trying to continue what the former director started.