Confusion about receiving federal assistance

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Apr 12, 2022
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Hello all,
I'm not sure how to mark the following question on the AMCAS application.

"Have you or members of your immediate family ever used federal or state assistance programs?

I am a disabled veteran and I don't know if disability compensation or other entitlements because of this designation would be considered federal assistance.

I appreciate any help that can be offered.
Thank you

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I doubt it. I think they are asking more about food stamps, welfare, housing assistance, etc.

I'm sure your military service will be part of your story, so there is no need to mention your disability unless you otherwise think it will help you. The disability comp is something you earned, as opposed to "assistance" stemming from being low SES, which is really what they are getting at with the question.

Thank you for your service, and good luck!! :)