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May 16, 2008

I'm going to be starting school again soon, and am looking to start fresh. Last year I started thinking I'd like to become a medical doctor, and that feeling has only strengthened over time, unlike all of my other career ambitions. However, I do have a couple concerns I was wondering if anyone with any experience in the field would be able to help me with. Right now I'm in a serious relationship with a girl and my primary concern is time with her. She's more than willing to support me through school, so working will be optional during school. I'm confident in being able to manage my time between studies, knocking out a few extra-curricular, community service and her while attending for my BS (I plan on going into Biology for a major), especially if she's at work full-time and commuting.

But while I'm doing research into Medical School and residencies, there's a lot I still don't know. I understand I'd be learning a lot in Medical School, and I've heard a few horror stories about residencies. And while I'm sure my entire career will be busy with working and frequent research, I'm particularly concerned about the Medical School and Residency impacting my time in excess with the woman I love.

Would anyone have any personal experiences they wouldn't mind sharing to help me get an idea as I research this career field?



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Apr 14, 2007
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JC....are you in high school??? If so...drop the girl

but to answer your question...plenty of ppl can manange relationships with their SO...but youwont get to spend as much time with her as you would in most other careers.


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Nov 5, 2007
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Yeah if you want to be a doctor, and she really supports you, she'll deal with it. I have a great g/f and she is ultrasupportive of me.. it hasn't been a problem at all..

and chubbychaser, I'm so glad you changed your avatar


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Jun 16, 2006
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If you have a girlfriend that truly cares about you, she'll understand what kind of a commitment you're making. With that said, you also need to understand how hard it is on her. I often times neglected studying (and so did my fiancee) to spend time together.

Now that she's through her first year of school, and I'm about to start, I can definitely say that it's because I care about her and understand her situation that it was able to work so well. During the week, I understood that I wouldn't get to spend alot of time with her, and she chose to study at home over school so that she could spend more time with me. On the weekends, she would often have to study, but at night we spent time to go out to dinner with each other, hang out with friends, etc.

It's all about balance. You can't expect her to do it all without any sort of reciprocation, but she also has to be understanding of your situation. In undergrad, that really isn't that hard. In med school and residency, where you're at the hospital 70+ hours a week, it can definitely be hard. Best of luck.


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Jun 19, 2007
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I don't know how many years of school you have left before you attend med school, but MS3 and residency are quite a few years down the road for you. By that time your relationship will have changed a lot. Either you'll have built a strong relationship that can take it, or not. If it's strong now, you have time to prepare yourselves and adapt for med school.

Mine isn't the voice of experience. So, my 2 cents aren't as valuable as the word of those who have been there.