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Discussion in 'Optometry' started by Pharmguy3, Aug 10, 2015.

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    Hey there,
    I'm not in the field of optometry, but I have a question as a patient in regards the Cyl & Axis on my most recent set of rxs. Hoping I can find an answer here. If someone knows a better forum for me to post this on, please let me know.

    I'll start with the situation. I recently had my eye rx checked out a couple times in about a month and a half (after the first time, the rx for my right eye felt off and I never really could adjust). Here are the two prescriptions, in addition to my old rx from last year.

    2014 rx (current glasses)
    OD: SPH -1.75
    OS: SPH -2.50 CYL -1.50 AXIS 180

    June '15 rx:
    OD: SPH - 1.25
    OS: SPH -3.25 CYL -1.25 AXIS 180

    August '15 rx:
    OD: SPH -1.75
    OS: SPH -3.25 CYL -1.00 AXIS 175

    Question: In addition to the power for my right eye being adjusted, I also noticed the correction for my OS astigmatism (both CYL and AXIS) was lowered. The recheck was done by a different optometrist. I'm curious to know, is this type of difference simply due to prescriber preference? Would a difference in the cylinder of -0.25 (or even -0.50) even be noticeable. How about a difference in AXIS of 005; is this generally noticeable?

    I apologize again if this isn't an appropriate place to post this. I'm new to glasses within the last year, and having them updated feels a bit odd.

    Thank you

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