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May 1, 2007
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I'm hoping to find a professor at an university in a particular state that would be willing to allow me to work with him or her over the summer (there are only two universities in this state, so it's less wide-ranging than it may sound). At one university, there are three professors whose research interests match mine *extremely* well and a fourth that matches a sub-interest of mine in which I also have research experience. I would honestly be thrilled to work with any of these four professors.

I know it's considered taboo to contact more than one professor at a single university when applyingto grad school, but does this hold true at the undergraduate level as well? I don't want to shoot myself in the foot here.



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Jun 14, 2008
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I would think it would matter much less if you are looking for an RA job. They know you are looking for experience and want to find out who has room in their lab.

At most of the schools I am applying, I contacted just one prof. But at 3 schools, I contacted 2 or 3 profs because their all of their research matched well with my interests. I don't think there is anything wrong with it when you are trying to find out if they accepting students next year or not. Especially if they are bigger departments. I would think it only increases your chances of getting in if they see your interests match across the dept. However, I've been careful to keep the emails inquisitory, and not make any overly committing gestures to any one prof (or worse - multiple profs at the same time).
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