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It only took our program 100 years before we decided to make a website. A fantastic program in a fantastic city.

Cook County has always been renowned as a great training program. Lying low over the last few years, largely because we had no website and no communication with the outside world, we are now taking various steps to show that we are still a powerhouse OMFS program.

We have 8 residents, 1 intern, and externs are free to apply.

Started 100 years ago by Dr. Potts (yes, think of Cook County OMFS every time you get out the Potts elevator, he invented it!) it has evolved into a great all around program.

We have one of the busiest outpatient clinics in the country, we do sedations with ketamine, fentanyl, versed, and propofol. We see plenty of pathology, trauma, minor cosmetics here and there, reconstructions from pathology and trauma, plenty of mandibles and midface, plenty of lacerations, we do bone grafts, implants, we dive into fibulas, tibias, and hips. Our orthognathics program is starting a new chapter (starting to do more) but we do about average compared to other programs. We cover TWO level I trauma centers, but the nice thing is that you are assigned to ONE hospital at a time. Our outpatient clinic is in the hospital, so no traveling. We take HOME call.
Off service rotations include:
Medicine: Get good at H&P's, dx and treating the sick of the sick. Minor floor procedures are done as well.
Gen Surg: Working the floor and scrubbing in
Neurosurg: Manage ICU, floor patients and seeing consults
Trauma Surgery: At Cook County, enough said
Anesthesia: You run your own room, you do a lot of OMFS and ENT cases so you get to fiber optic awake a lot, LMA's, nasotracheal, etc. Spinal anesthesia, central lines, etc. STRONG.
Craniofacial: Syndromes, cleft lip, sometimes breasts (plastic surgeon attending)

Another bonus is that moonlighting is also possible. As long as it does not interfere with your responsibilities or hospital duties.

"Weaknesses": Minimal cosmetics. We do reconstructions and scar revisions. We don't do elective bleph's, laser treatments, botox, face lifts. Neither does plastics, we are a county hospital and can't justify elective treatments. We do do facial reconstructions. Saddle nose deformities, pathology recons, trauma recons. Many of the same techniques are applied.
No cancer. We don't go after neck nodes. We do biopsy suspicious lesions and refer to ENT. None of the residents are that interested in cancer. If you are interested in a case, ENT is amenable to letting you scrub in...if you have time.

I will check back to this thread every few weeks or so to answer any questions you might have.
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Jul 18, 2010
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1992corolla, you should paste this into the OMFS program review thread to kick start that thread again. nice post brah.

how many implants you expect to place?


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Feb 7, 2007
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Does an externship there have to be two weeks? Could you do just one week?
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Oct 25, 2006
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glad to hear you're liking your program. sounds like you are learning a ton!

Lonely Sol

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Just finished sending out Supplemental to Cook County! Thank you 1992 Corolla for such an indepth post! Im looking forward and hoping to get an interview there!


Any updates on this program? Implant numbers, whether moonlighting still allowed, etc.
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