Core Rotation Selection - Inpatient vs Outpatient?

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Dec 27, 2011
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My school is allowing me to complete my core rotations back home if I can secure them. I obviously will only do this if the quality of the core rotation back home will be the same as the ones my school would otherwise arrange for me.

My question is: what core rotations (internal, gen. surg., psych, OBGYN, peds, family, emergency med) do I necessarily want to make sure I get inpatient experience for? Internal medicine, gen. surg., and emergency medicine in an inpatient setting is a given IMO. I wonder if PDs may look at my app and think my core rotation experiences were deficient if I chose to do them at an outpatient facility.

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OB/GYN needs to be done somewhere with an active labor and delivery unit (AKA inpatient) .
If you're interested in pediatrics you should absolutely do it somewhere where you get exposure to inpatient pediatrics and newborn nursery (although it would also be OK if you just had primary care pediatrics as an M3).
Unless you're rotating with a residency's inpatient family medicine service, family medicine should be all outpatient.
Psych you would benefit the most from having a mix of inpatient (either consults or patients admitted to a psych ward) and outpatient (psych clinic).