Cornell Interview... What is it like?



I have my Cornell interview next week, and I'm really nervous and excited because it's one of my top top top choices. For those who already had a Cornell interview, any pointers? What is it like? Any comments would greatly help. Thanks.


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pain and suffering. a grill session with all 50 members of the adcom ridiculing you, followed by ritual burning of your amcas if you dont answer satisfactorily

just kidding obviously (although that sounds like something stanford would do). my buddy from college (n=1) is a m2 at cornell and says the interview was very low stress and conversational. the main thing he told me was to ready to explain in specific terms how their problem based curriculum they are very proud of fits your learning style. other than that, check the sdn feedback thing maybe?

let me know how it goes, i'm up in mid october :)
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