Correlation b/w Step I and Shelf scores?

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Aug 13, 2002
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For people who have already taken Step I,

Did your scores on the basic science shelf exams correlate with your Step I score %ile. For instance, if one makes 70 (50%ile) on a particular shelf exam, does that suggest that one would likely hit the mean on Step I.

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Yeah, my Step 1 was a little lower than predicted by the shelf b/c standard deviations have been spreading out (I was near the top of the curve). But overall I'd say they're a pretty good indicator. The online test offered by the NBME for $45 was good too.
My step I score was lower than predicted by the shelf exams, but the NBME self assessment tests were right on the money.
The NBME self-assessment test that I took a few days before Step 1 predicted more than a standard deviation lower than my actual score.
Recall that the shelves are based on scores from a few years ago, and that the scores tend to rise over time. My later shelves were higher in percentile than my actual score.