Cost of living (inflation) salary increase?

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Jan 11, 2009
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Salaried employees! What cost of living increase are people getting these days? We get a small bump every year but hoping this year would account for massive inflation situation.

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We don't get yearly increases. We are about to get an 18% bump, but it will be the first since before I started 4 years ago and unrelated to the current inflation situation. Our volume has nearly doubled in that time and the number of paths is close to the same, although that will increase substantially soon.
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Im sure everyone's COLA increase with come with a corporate logo cheeseboard.

True story:
At my last medical staff meeting, the employed physicians got their 8% raise notice and a hospital logo cheeseboard. I had to leave the room and laugh in the bathroom for 5 minutes before being able to gain any composure and return.
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