Couples Matching in Radiology?

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Mar 2, 2006
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We would get raised eyebrows and a lot of "phew, good luck with THAT"s, and we even got a funny chairman tell us during an interview, "you might as well get a divorce... its easier for Rads and Derm to couples match than Rads and Rads."

Today the love of my life and I have couples matched into radiology... at the same program!!!

Here's to determination in following your dreams. For all you future applicants, especially those couple's matching... its definitely possible.

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Hey, I think I met you at UMKC for the interview. I'm so happy for you and your wife!! Congratulations :)

My fiance and I were also successful with the couple's match, but he's doing FP, so our situation can't even be compared to a rads-rads matchup. But I agree, the couple's match is a good thing!
There are a couple of PGY-2s here in the UT Memphis rads program that couples matched... (they both went to med school here, as well)