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Aug 15, 2014
I was wondering if anyone know if these courses are equivalent to each other.

Bio 8: Cell and Molecular Biology = Molecular biology course as recommended by most med school
Bio 34: Fundamental of Genetics = Genetic course as recommended by most med school
MICR 26: Intro to Immunology = Immunology course as recommended by most med school

The former are from a local community college, and the latter are from a local university. In an attempt to money, if they are truly equivalent ( as in I will gain the same amount of information from the CC course as the University) then I would prefer to take the cheaper route. Thanks everyone for your input.
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May 21, 2014
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My opinion is that most schools that recommend certain classes likely do so with a measure of generalization. I would say that the cell and molecular course would be the closest to "exactly" what they recommend, and the other two courses are "close enough". A lot of schools seem to recommend "modern genetics," meaning "beyond the Mendelian stuff we learn in high school; I would say fundamentals of genetics is a decent match. Basically, some universities and likely many more community colleges simply don't offer a wide variety of classes within a certain area of study. So, I think most med schools are understanding when it comes to some classes. Intro to immunology is better than just taking some random biology/physiology class if the school recommends something in the immunology focus.

Just my two cents, and as always, your best bet if you're targeting one school specifically is to just call/e-mail admissions and they'll probably be able to give you a more concrete answer.