Apr 18, 2015
I am a nontrad student and aspiring MD, currently pursuing a premed postbacc. I have several questions concerning my premed courses as they affect my likelihood of getting into medical school. At my undergraduate institution, I was in the Honors College and all of my undergraduate core requirements had the course prefix HNRS. I took what is equivalent to an English course and a Psychology course but as I said, the prefixes did not contain "ENG", "WRT", or "PSYC" in them. Will this adversely affect my chances of getting into medical schools, particularly those that are more selective? The reason I ask is because I've heard that medical schools count on seeing particular prefixes when evaluating student's applications.

Also, I'm wondering if it reflects poorly for students who are enrolled in a formal postbacc at one university to take courses at another university? I am interested in doing this purely from a financial standpoint, no other motive.

Side note: Does anyone know if you still qualify for federal financial aid if you are enrolled less than "half time" at your postbacc institution but are also enrolled at another university (see the above question), bringing your overall credits to at least "halftime"? Sorry, I hope that makes sense.

Thank you very much.
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