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Dental Course Retake? Mandatory?

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Oct 14, 2011
  1. Academic Administration
I am doing better in school. Raised my 2.4 first semester freshman GPA to a 3.3 ish, not all my grades are in yet. I know my GPA is low, but I'm trying. Anyways, I was wondering if I should retake my biology 1 course, I got a D. My Dean said I can't retake it, but I read up on my school manual and if I somehow get it changed to an F, I can retake it, the newer grade counting towards my GPA. But, some dental schools would count the F I'm assuming... I was told on another thread it won't be accepted but I have other biology courses that aren't D's- won't those count for dental school? I'm a bit confused. I am planning on retaking my orgo 1 grade (i got a C) for next fall, I got an A in orgo 2 but it was online due to corona so i dont want them to think it was an easy A..
For pretty much all dental schools, a course grade below 75% (C-minus) would be considered a failure of the class, so you would need to retake the D. I can't really advise you on your academic advising policies but usually "biology 1" is a prerequisite for most schools. You'll need to connect with admissions recruiters about your situation to see if any "year of biology" coursework satisfies their requirement..

No one will believe an A in organic chemistry comes "easily", even under current conditions. You're fine there.
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Mar 12, 2013
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Dental schools do not do grade replacement. So if you are thinking your "D" will be "replaced" with an "A" (if you get it), that is not correct. If you retake your "D", then both the "D" and the "A" will show and be used for calculation of your dental school GPA. As far as you not being able to repeat the course, you can always retake a course at a different school (hopefully another 4-year, but if not, then a community college). It doesn't look as good at a community college for obvious reasons, but an "A" at a community college is better than only having the "D" on your transcript because it shows that you at least tried to improve (you can also talk about your dean not allowing you to repeat in an interview if you get one). Just make sure the description of the courses is as close to identical as possible.
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