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Oct 14, 2011
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Hello! My school mandated pass/fail grading for the spring 2020 semester, but allows students to request an official letter from the school detailing the letter grades received that term. Official statement below:

"Faculty will record letter grades, but transcripts will show pass/fail grades for all courses the spring 2020 semester. Because letter grades will be recorded, it is possible for students to request an official letter attesting those grades. This letter would attest only to grades, not to GPA. Grades for courses taken the spring 2020 semester will not enter into GPA calculations and the college will not be able to calculate or communicate alternative GPAs."

If I request a letter but my transcript itself does not change, will AMCAS calculate my GPA to include my spring 2020 grades?
To simplify things, AMCAS does not do anything except be a huge spreadsheet/calculator for grades. Information they get with letters gets passed to admissions committees designated by the applicant. So to answer your question, unless something significantly changes from the AAMC Committee on Admissions, AMCAS will calculate your grade as pass/fail only because that is on the transcript. The interpretation letter from your registrar will likely have to go to individual admissions committees who at their discretion will pay attention to it (or [probably] not).
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