Courses and MBA programs through the AAPL

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Jun 23, 2003
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Is anyone familiar or have experience with these programs offered in conjunction with the AAPL? I held an admin position for about a year, managing a busy clinic and supervising about 24 employees, during which time I felt I wanted to pursue more education in this area.

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I"m a Navy doc in an admin role for the next 2 years, and I was accepted to NPS's 2 year eMBA program (which is free to Navy folks) to start Sep 18. During the admissions process, I queried a handful of my MD/MBA buddies about whether I'd get what I wanted from that program (traditional MBA; no electives in health care mananagement or international business, which are my 2 interests). Many of them recommended that I pursue the certified physician executive/CPE designation thru AAPL instead. The benefits for me were that since I already have an MPH I can validate most of their requirements and take only the courses which interest me, I can take them on my schedule (the eMBA had me locked into a 2 year schedule at their pace), and the classes are worth CME so Navy medicine will pay for some of them AND the hours count toward my state licensure. The summer seminar that took place looked pretty intereting - I had planned on attending the financial decision making course, but .... <<life happened>>..

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