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Jan 11, 2005
Hey all you Cp only gurus out in computer land, please dispense some advice to a most confused CP-only applicant regarding the MATCH. My top 2 candidates at present are MGH and Seattle (U Penn was on the list but I get the feeling that their dance card may already be full). My big interests are hemepath, molecular, and less so, micro. I want decent flexibility, but still good training. I'm MD/PhD, so also looking for great research, and likely fellowship. MGH seems like the better fit, but I'm concerned with too rigid a structure. Seattle, great all around except for the absence of a mol path fellowship. Other candidate still high on the list= Stanford, UCSF, and maybe Brigham. Any insights you have would be so very appreciated- on these issues or other ones I haven't mentioned/thought of.

Thanks for your help!


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Jul 9, 2004
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If you really like Penn, you should rank them highly (perhaps even #1) even if you think their "dance card is full." I think of the places you listed, Penn provides the best CP training.

I didn't visit UWash so I don't anything about their AP or CP.

MGH has very good CP training from what I hear. I would tend to think that MGH is one of the most balanced programs out there and is strong in CP.

Stanford - I have heard from other CP residents at other institutions that the CP at Stanford is virtually nonexistent.

UCSF - new CP campus in China Basin...supposed to be really up and coming. Great research!

Brigham - I heard Brigham has solid CP as well but I think they're more AP oriented.

Disclaimer - this coming from an AP only applicant. What I'm telling you is second-hand information and hopefully there is some shred of accuracy :)


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Aug 15, 2003
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CP-only, go where your research activities are going to be most plentiful and best supported. I can't give you specific advice on the programs because they are all good - many CP-only applicants are looking for a place that will give them as few clinical responsibilities as possible.