CPJE result for August test takers?

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Jun 26, 2012
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anyone heard any news yet?:bang:
early august test takers out there..... please share when you start to receive the results!!! thanks a bunch:confused:

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I really hope these results are released soon. Loans are coming out of deferment in November and my wife and I are in for some very serious financial hardships if I dont get a license soon.
I kno there is another thread going on re: cali QA but I thought I would post mine here cuz I'm the one who started it.

Exam taken 8/24
Letter Postmarked 9/17
Delivered 9/19
Score 92
Location SoCal

Just wanted to keep you updated since I know how nervebreaking it is for those who were in my shoes.
Thanks, any question welcomed.
Congrats to those that passed. Anyone know how long it takes to get "licensed" once you have passed the NAPLEX and CPJE?
I submitted my license application on a Monday and my license got posted on the board of pharmacy website on Thursday of the same week (the issue date was actually Wednesday, so it took them 1 day to post online after issuing). Good luck!