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Nov 14, 2006
has anyone bought the whole package???? is it good for math and science as well? i've used kaplan twice and i can't renew it, so i'm just looking for another good but cheaper test prep. any thoughts are greatly appreciated. right now i'm just using achiever btw. i just want some more practice tests for everything really...math is a HUGE one for me, and my science as well. i'd love to get my pat score up there too. i got a 19 the last time i took the dat.


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Jan 26, 2008
Dental Student
Using Crack DAT PAT is essential for getting a good PAT score. Kaplan is way too easy, DAT Achiever way too hard. Crack I hear is "just right." The poll that I started indicates that a majority of people score within +/-1 or better on the real thing compared to Crack.

I hear mixed reviews of Crack Math. I certainly think that it puts pressure on you in terms of time. Mines came with 25 QR exams so I'm taking one every day until doomsday for me, which is in two week :)xf:)
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