Criminal Records on Secondary

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Jun 14, 2023
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“ATSU programs require a background check where all past court decisions will be listed. Please indicate if you have ever been charged (pending and/or dropped), fined or convicted of any crime for any reason (excluding traffic violations). Please include items that may have been dismissed or expunged. Enter N/A if you have nothing to report.”

I recently went to court for an unlawful detainer case in which it received a “non-suit” judgement and the matter was resolved. We paid the entire rent and are still living here. How bad is it gonna hurt me reporting this!😭

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Talk to a licensed lawyer in Arizona.
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Echo above, talk to your attorney and be honest on your application. Address it in the statements if you believe it is necessary.
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No matter what comes out of anyone's mouth mine included, verify that the school has the legal right to demand that information from a licensed lawyer in Arizona.

Heck, once when I was 18 years old walking home from mandatory college PE class wearing a track suit, a
middle aged police officer pulls a "Miami Vice" /Don Johnson maneuver with her police van
cuts me off nearly running over my feet and barks orders to search my school bag for drugs
( which I have none because I am not a criminal- nor have I ever used drugs ). Officer Karen
searched my bags (without probable cause /suspicion / consent) and found nothing. Officer Karen made
my sit on the sidewalk with my stuff on the sidewalk spread out while people stared for half an hour, while
running my school ID card. I complied because 18 year old male ( me) , versus aggressive middle aged police
officer was not going to go my way. This was also the late 1990's so no cell phone video or Axon body camera
that I could file a complaint about for misconduct and constitutional rights violation.

Do I have to declare that I was suspected of being Pablo Escobar ?

The whole charged bit bothers me, it should be criminal convictions only.
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You're going to be fine. They're screening out people with history of violent crime, severe substance use and other displays of dishonesty, poor judgement and poor impulse control.
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