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May 14, 2004
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Any Recommendations for hands on courses? My main focus is I'd like to dust off my bedside echo and learn some more about lung u/s but would love to learn everything else as well. Chest Vs SCCM vs other?

Or other hands on training courses for other topics?
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Aug 6, 2003
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I took the Chest Ultrasound Essentials course. It was a great course. The instructors were very well versed, and they had live models to practice on. I would highly recommend that course. They also seem to offer an ultrasound certification process which involves taking a second course, submitting images, and taking a test. I am not participating in that, so can't speak towards the second course.

I have also taken "The Difficult Airway" course which was a very well taught course on everything intubation. When I took it, it was an "emergency medicine" physician course, but going on the website, it looks like they have a "critical care" physician version as well. I'm not sure what the differences are. (http://www.theairwaysite.com/pages/page_content/Airway_home.aspx). Another really good airway course I have been wanting to take is the Practical Emergency Airway Management course by Dr. Levitan. That course gets filled up very quickly even though he does it monthly. I haven't been able to find a date available on days that I am off to take the course. (http://www.ceme.org/emergency-airway-management-course)

The Hospitalist and Emergency procedures course was a really good course for ultrasound guided procedures. They covered ultrasound exams as well, but at that time I wasn't interested in it and didn't pay attention to that part. When I took it a few years ago, it was a two day course, but it looks like it may just be one day now. (http://www.hospitalprocedures.org)

Would love to hear what other courses exist out there for advanced procedures.


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Oct 16, 2003
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I liked the difficult airway course from SCCM. I also think that CHEST has a hands on mechanical ventilator course that reviews not only the basics but also the alternative modes of ventilation like proportional assist, Bilevel, NAVA