Cross-listed course, BCPM and non-science LOR?

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Aug 13, 2013
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So next semester I am considering taking a neuroscience course that is cross-listed Biology and Psychology. Does anyone know if I can use the professor as a non-science LOR even if I sign up for the course using the BIO course number? Thanks

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If it is listed as BIO on your transcript, I don't think a letter from that professor would count as non-science.
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Thanks for the response. Anyone else with input?
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It depends if the medical school ask for a LOR from a non-science prof or from an instructor from a non-science course. Generally, it depends on where the prof sits on the faculty. If he/she is listed from psych department, then likely yes non-science LOR. If he/she is a Bio prof, it would be a science LOR

so just to re-iterate, if one of my psych courses counted in my BCPM gpa as a bio course, I could still use the LOR from my psych professor as a non-science LOR? She is listed under the psych department at my school