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Aug 8, 2004
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I was just looking at the Cali school website and I noticed the average MCAT score was 22 for the recent class. Last year it showed 25 and I was told this average was genuine. I know they just switched to an MCAT-only policy but still this is surprising. Lemme know what you think.

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Personally, I'd be a bit skeptical of quoted entrance stats, board pass rate, residency placements, etc that any school admissions department provides you. Those things fluctuate from year to year at any program. Besides, just because you go to a school that states X gpa/mcat, Y board pass rate, and alumni who are residents at A/B/C top programs, that really doesn't make you any different of a student and doesn't guarantee that you'll pass boards or get those residencies. Heck, it doesn't even guarantee that you'll pass first semester classes. It's far more important that you just realize that the curriculum at any of the pod schools is pretty demanding and that they all have fairly high attrition rates compared to MD/DO. If you work hard and are interested in podiatry, that's the key.

Admissions dept propaganda can be deceptive. It's just like when, about a decade ago, there was a pretty low number of US MD grads, a lot of spots weren't as competitive as normal, and a fair amount of FMGs managed to match ortho, surgery, and other coveted specialties which are normally very very tough for them. Of course, the schools kept pointing to those rare matches and spinning it as if they were the norm when, in fact, they weren't at all. Everything's in flux... just do the best you can, and you should have many options and few problems.