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Jun 18, 2002
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Hey all!

I've been taking tests up the wazzu, and I've been doing really well on all the PAT sections EXCEPT cube counting. Do any of you have a method that worked well? For each figure, I try to count up the total # of cubes, then I go level by level writing down how many sides are exposed for each cube. I think I maybe am working too fast and write down the wrong numbers, but it is hard to couble check without messing yourself up.

What's your strategy??


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Oct 7, 2001
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That is the same strategy that I used, and it worked very well for me (at least in the practice exams) -- I rarely missed one or even two questions on that section.

Perhaps you are just moving too fast. Remember, the PAT section is comprised of other exercises, so you don't have to breeze through every section, just SOME sections. Cube counting and the hole punching were the easiest section for me, so I did them each in 4 or 5 minutes, which gave me leftover time for sections that I knew I would (and did!) struggle with: pattern folding and keyhole views.

I think your strategy for the cube counting is one of the most solid ones there is, so I wouldn't be too quick to change it. Perhaps an overview of your overall PAT strategy would give you more time to work on the cube counting.

The bottom line is trying to get as many questions right as you can. It does you NO good to take only 5 minutes on the cubes so you can have 20 on the angles, if you end up missing 13 of the angles... you would have been better off spending 15 on the cubes and getting ALL of them correct.

Good luck.
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