Curious about ITE's and COVID knowledge, DO vs MD ITE's



1. Do you think the coming FM residency ITE's will have COVID based questions. I was on the AAFP website there are several articles authored on COVID topics and this made me wonder?

2. I was curious with the merger, DO and MD residencies have combined into one. I am going to be a part of a residency that was generally MD residents so far. Though, I am not sure if they will offer the DO version of ITE's during my intern year or after. Any tips on how I can take that exam? I called the ACOFP people, they seemed confused about the issue as well.


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Jul 25, 2014
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1) I would be surprised. COVID is an emerging disease, we don't have all the specifics nailed down on transmission, clinical presentation, treatment, etc. The recommendations from state and public health authorities on prevention, isolation for sick people, and so on are constantly changing. They could write a question today and the answer could be completely wrong by the time the ITE rolls around. Regardless, if it is on the ITE it would likely only be a question or two, and at most programs the ITE doesn't really matter, especially intern year.
2) Good question for your PD.
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