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    Nov 29, 2000
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    Hi, I am currently a student studying at a canadian university.
    Heres my situation:
    1st year GPA: 2.86
    (due to my mother getting diagnosed with cancer and passing away after couple of years)
    2nd year GPA: 3.34
    3rs year GPA: 3.51
    This year i am around 3.55 as well.
    I will not have my degree completed by end of this year (100 out of 120 credits). i had to get a job to pay for my expenses.
    My overall GPA:3.26
    My science GPA:3.33
    I volunteer at a hospital, and I also volunteer at a preschool for children with special needs.
    I have manage to find a american DO working here. I will probably get a reference letter from him.
    I am writing MCAT in april 2001. I am confident that I will get around 27.

    I am planning on applying to western university of health sciences for OSTEOPATHY MEDICINE.
    what are my chances? Please someone help me. They do accept canadian students
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  3. sethpol

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    Dec 6, 2000
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    Hi sandar,

    I have a very similar profile as you - slightly higher overall GPA, slightly lower
    science GPA and had an MCAT of 27. I was interviewed at Western U in October and accepted 3 weeks later. So, your chances seem pretty good!!! (I too had a slump in my grades during my sophomore year - so don't worry)

    Good Luck!


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