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current medical issues (interview topic)


New Member
15+ Year Member
Mar 10, 2002
San Diego, CA
Please help me!!!!!- I'm interviewing in a week and I know they want me to be familiar with current medical issues, but as simple as that sounds I have come up with practically nothing! Any suggestions you could give me would be greatly appreciated. What current medical issues would be a good thing to read up on?
Check out the aapa.org website.

There are also a # of PA journals online with editorials, and letters to the ed., etc. I would say that managed care is going to be a big one, and also the role PA's serve and how they relate to other health care professions. EVERY interviewer I encountered asked me why I wanted to be a PA, rather than a physician. Again, the AAPA website has all the info to thoroughly answer this and plenty of useful links.

-good luck
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