Program-Specific Info / Q's Current/Prosp. students on UTMB & UTHSCSA MOT program

Dec 3, 2013
Pre-Rehab Sci [General]

I was wondering if there are any current students or prospective students at either UTMB or UTHSCSA who are willing to share about their experiences at their respective school. I have heard that both schools are very hands on and the students and staff love their schools. And the staff seem to really look out for their students. This is what I know, anyone is welcome to add to their knowledge about the programs.

In 2012, UTMB had a 83% 1st time pass rate on the NBCOT (85% 3 yr. avg.), but at the interview, I heard a current student state that their pass rate was in the high 90s. They have 5 fieldwork opportunities and I felt a sense of family between the students and staff. Students there also told me that the program molds you to become a great person as well as a great OT. I felt a very relaxed atmosphere there, but heard the program is quite intense.

In 2013, UTHSCSA had a 90% 1st time pass rate on the NBCOT (80% 3 yr. avg.)
They have 7 fieldwork opportunities and 3 best OT's I shadowed with are from the program! During the pre-app workshop, the students and staff there were very friendly.