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May 22, 2001
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I have an interview there on October 7th. If you guys have any tips or pointers I would really appreciate them! Thanks for your help!:)

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Congratulations on getting an interview at UHS!! I'm a first year student at UHS and want you to know that the congratulations really is huge. This is because when you make it to the interview, you've made it through most of the process. They only interview those that they are truly interested in. You've already passed the paper test. Can you believe it--they really want you to come?! Now, it's up to you to show them who you really are and make yourself stand apart from everyone else.

I have a tough quiz to study for and a busy weekend so I'm going to leave you with that for now. I will definitely tell you more later. Just don't be worried!! Also--I love UHS!!
I want to second Anna's comments. UHS is a great school and we have a super curriculum. I think that we are in one of the toughest sections right now, even though it is our first one. First off, we are still getting adjusted to medical school. It is so much information but it is do-able. Second, things are kind of abstract and not very uniform at first, so we are all kind of in a funk about what to study, what is important, etc.

I am so glad I came here. I think we will be more prepared before we get out into rotations than a lot of schools. The faculty make sure we get clinical experience/situations from the beginning so we begin working on our skills from day 1.

The interview process is a piece of cake. You will be very nervous, but is really is very laid back.

If you have any questions you would like to personally ask, don't hesitate to email me: [email protected]

Good luck and let us know how it goes!

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Good Luck on the interview. Make sure to have questions ready. A good one to ask is why did you come to UHS? What can you tell me about the student body temperment (there are big bro/sister assigned to each student as well as a faculty mentor). Ask about Genesis the new system based core calss structure and about computer advances to online courses ie.Blackboard.

Good luck email me with further ?
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Sorry too break it to you drchris33, but "Foundations" is by far the easiest of the Genesis curriculum. Not to say it doen't present itself with it's own challenges (i.e. getting used to med school) but no way is it even close to being the hardest. Rest assured, each subsequent section will get harder & harder. But at the same time each gets more and more interesting as well. Good luck on your first year @ UHS.

BTW How did your guys' first quiz go?? Isn't Mcwhorter awesome!!! Now ERF, that's a different story.........don't get me wrong the guy's a friggin' GENIUS,........ but ........well,you know what I mean :) Keep up the Good Work!!

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I am not alluding that FOM is the absolute hardest section, I am just saying that I think that it will be one of the more difficult ones simply because we are thrown information here and there about different systems and there really isn't much uniform to it. I am sure that the sections on down the road are more difficult in subject matter but like you said, they become more interesting, so think that will help in motivation for studying.

Our first quiz went really well. The class average was an 80%, I really well on it, a lot better than I thought. This one coming up Monday though is going to be very tough. Alot of info, alot of it not that interesting.

McW is awesome!! You are right about that. ERF is very interesting as well. I think I can learn a lot from him.

Well better get back to studying.

Just a word of advice ERF is in fact awsome. If you learn the stuff he teaches you you will truely excel in the clinical years. I know it seems to be a lot but his was by far the most useful class I took. Sorry I never was in Genesis we had a path class but he still uses the same teaching material.
Thanks guys for your help. I am very excited about the interview at UHS. I'll email you all about specific questions when I get a chance. Good luck on your upcoming quiz and thanks again!