CVS Pharm tech tips and advice? (Disclaimer: pre-med graduate doing gap year job, NOT applying to pharmacy school)

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Hi! I'm a recent graduate and have applied to med schools for the Fall. I figured I would post in here, just because this seemed like the specific board for my questions.
I recently started a pharm tech position at CVS, just to maintain a somewhat related gap year job till I head off somewhere next year, whether med school (or podiatry if worse comes to worse). It's stressful certainly, but at least I'm filling my days finally after a non-eventful summer.

Does anyone have any general tips and tricks, or resources I should look into for the job? How long will it take to become comfortable with everything? After my first few days, I've become (relatively) proficient at pick-up and drive-through, and am still learning production (haven't gotten around to drop-off yet). I understand I may need to do some studying at home! Is it also worth looking into the certification exam, or should I not bother and just keep up the ride while it lasts? On my own time, do I just need to learn the "top 200 drugs" and the sig codes?

Thanks for any help!

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