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Discussion in 'Pre-Medical - MD' started by sgwu, Dec 13, 2000.

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    I was wondering what the main difference between a DO and an MD is?
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    Right below the Post Reply icon is a search feature. Use this to type your question. This should give you an eye full of misformation and opinions.
    On the opposite side of the screen you could use the StudentDoctor Network link and go to the Osteopahtic link. This is a better choice IMO.

    Good Luck!

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    I liken a DO to a combination of a medical (allopathic MD) doctor and a DC (chiroprator)

    Like a chiropractor a DO can conduct spinal manipulative therapy (bone cracking adjustments, etc) and prescribe medicines, do surgery etc. that MD's in similar fields also do.

    An MD is not trained to do manipulations, while a DC cannot prescribe meds or do surgery type proceedures.

    The DO's I know say its the "best of both worlds" "America's most complete physicians" while the MD's and DC's I've interviewed say its the "least of both worlds", that a DC can out manipulate a DO and an MD can out diagnois a DO.....etc. etc.

    Personally I like the concept of the DO who can give you an adjustment for a lower back problem while prescribing antibiotics for the cold you've got too.

    However, there is no question that the MD carries more clout in the public's eye than a DO does. There are simply more of them. I would persue an MD first then a DO if an MD proves allusive. If after becomming an MD you wish to learn spinal manipulive therapy there is a one year program in England that offers a DO to participating MD's. This DO is not however associated with the American Osteopathic Medical Association nor approved by them.

    I believe the DO will grow in popularity in the future as MD's continue to be perceived as "Medical Dieties" by many Americans who still believe the term "Rich Doctor" is a dirty phrase. But that time is far off.

    Again I would go for the MD first then try a DO and if that fails a Foriegn Medical Degree
    might interest you.

    Also most DO's I know admit that they seldom use their Osteopathic Manipulative Therapy (OMT) in their practices. They tell me that the people requesting an adjustment the most are fellow doctors they work with...the MD's!

    I hope this helps you


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