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Aug 2, 2006
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Look everyone knows-everyone as defined by consumers with some computer skills - is aware that a D O is not an MD.

Many D O people of my generation got into D O school with watered down training and hokey residencies paid for it- how 'bout that guy in Des Moines?"

How bout that family in Miami with the compound in Miami?

Pay and play - You can do medicine for a price and make $ you could've gone offshore but on this particular saturday I am compelled to address the DO scam...How many of the DOs want to fit into the healthcare realm?

At least a dentist is a dentist and a podiatrist a podiatrist.

If DOs were equal to MDs why not qualify them as MDs- The world-Europe if you will- can't figure out why? Don't push sclerotherapy. If you pay to play you can buy into being a DO.

I've never met dummer or culturally deprived kids since kindergarten when I worked at a med center in Florida where the DOs-studying for DO boards- an incredibly watered down test that many failed - the last 2 years of DO school let you do rotations with anyone who'll take you in. DO means lotsa loot and lotsa lobbyists.

I been around - after 40 years its the same old song. I have and MD and DPM degree. D P M is hilarious.

Look that up too-at least its an honest way to make a killing. :)


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it is a TOS violation to come into a forum soley to deride its members. closing.
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