D1 's what do you think of your class

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Mar 1, 2005
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:confused: D1's just curious but what do you think of your class? I am just curious how similar or different dental students in other schools can be?

I would say the first few months of school, most people are really friendly, but as school progresses my class is becoming a lot more competitive and a lot more clicky. The party animals (yes there are a few in my class) can be pretty competitive, I thought most party animals were slackers who knew! The nerds well pretty much still nerds! I must admit there are about 5 racist students in my class. (Not to proud of that fact) There are a couple of elitist like students (the ones that that think the rest are bringing the profession down! About 10) There are couple of really conservative kids, 10) A few geeks, 6 or 7, about 5 or 6 students who just want to be regular GP’s (non-competitive crowd, well competitive with just themselves) There are a few quiet kids that were kinda quiet at the beginning but seem to be opening up a little  (Really shy I guess you have to draw some of them out!).
The rest of us just seem sort of regular, but extremely competitive yet sorta nice, and catty at the same time  if you confused imagine how I feel.!!!

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Oct 20, 2004
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My class is pretty divided. What I mean by that is there are distinct groups of people that mainly are friends, and the groups don't really intermingle. Not that they are not friendly, but thats just how life is. There is pretty much the party hardy people, and the married mormon people. That is not an insult to anyone in my class... but it is pretty much true. There are 3 different mormon groups that hang around eachother. Everyone else pretty much parties/goes clubbing together on weekends. (I mean we ARE in vegas!) Fun crowd!


I dunno, I'm one of those party animals you speak of I guess. But people don't realize that there's Party Chris and then Class Chris. I get my **** done and work ahead on most everything and then go out and have a good time. Granted some mornings I regret having those 5 extra shots of tequila, but such is life.

I'd say the majority of our class is married/engaged so they're not very much on going out, but they're not super competitive hitting the books all the time. Most people are a good mix ... they get everything done, but they're fairly fun to be around.

There are ultra conservative people that don't associate with others, minority groups that tend to stick together, partiers that always end up at the same bars, married people, people with weak social skills, etc ... basically a very broad range.