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Dartmouth Integrated Plastics


New Member
Jul 7, 2020
  1. Resident [Any Field]
Hi future plastic surgeons!
We know it's a difficult year for interviews and aways, and wanted to reach out to you guys to say hello and answer any questions to help make the process easier. We are the plastic surgery residents at Dartmouth; our program recently went integrated and we are now a full cohort of 6 (1 a year). We are a small but mighty program! We have 6 fulltime faculty at the main campus and 1 who works in Manchester and Boston (his private practice). We do all of the head and neck reconstruction around here (ENT does not do any of their own free flaps), lots of free flaps for breast, upper and lower extremity etc. (3 microsurgeons on staff here for our small cohort), 4 cadaver labs a year, away rotations in Miami with Dr. Stuzin, Maine, California, and very soon we are also going to be operating in Manchester as well as in Boston for more cosmetic experience with our faculty in private practice there. We have resident injectables clinic every 3 months, and generally lots of autonomy in the OR. We split hand call with Ortho and face call with ENT 50/50; and take all call at one hospital only (which is really nice!) Given our unique location, we have the beautiful Upper Valley around us and an enormous catchment area including NH, VT, MA and ME, and don't have to share with any programs nearby. Given our small size, we work one-on-one with our attendings most of the time with minimal double-scrubbing. Our chief this year is headed to Hopkins for hand fellowship, the year before that our chief went to MEETH for an aesthetic fellowship. Our program director is Dr. Shin who is also our pediatric and craniofacial surgeon, and he is wonderful, supportive and kind. We'd love to hear from you guys; we are a small, close family of residents and our program has a lot to offer! We are also in the process of designing a virtual sub-I, and are going to likely be hosting a live Q&A/happy hour for applicants on Instagram (our insta is dartmouth_prs) later in the month (tentatively 7/24) with residents only. Fun fact: the very first chief of Dartmouth Plastic Surgery was Dr. Radford Tanzer, a giant and pioneer in microtia reconstruction which he first did right here! :) Anyway, happy to hear from anyone out there with questions, and hope to see you guys at happy hour!
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