Prospects for MD/PhDs in plastics

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Nov 2, 2017
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Haven't found any information regarding a surgeon-scientist career with plastics nor residency applications for MD/PhDs so I'd like to hear any insights from these topics:

I'm a current MSTP (MS2) student at a T10 with a home plastics program. PhD will be in Regenerative Sciences. Interest in plastics due to interest in surgery and the fantastic potential for it to combine with plastics. From individual conversions with two separate attendings and the PD director at my home program, they all seem to believe that it is unlikely to be able to juggle plastic surgery with bench lab research and even discouraged pursuing such a path... Looking at the overall match rates for US MD senior MD/PhDs in plastics from the previous 2 years seem to support this stance (40-60% match rate vs ~80%). Why do I see this attitude more prevalent in plastics than in fields like neurosurgery where MD/PhDs match well and research is encouraged? I would think that investigation would be important for such an innovative field like plastics.

Any advice/tips/insights for md/phds interested in plastics? Is it an uphill battle?