May 16, 2016
My exam is in 5 days and I have already done all bootcamp full lengths.
With the time I have left, should I do new Topscore full lengths? or do dat bootcamp again/review the questions again? Or review Dat destroyer?


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Aug 7, 2015
I'd say casually go over Destroyer especially over the questions you got wrong first (if you kept track of that).

I just started Top Score today and I have two things I don't like about it. Apart from those things I think it's a really really good tool for the DAT prepping
First, PAT and Reading doesn't have solutions. It'll give you a report with the right letter but there's absolutely no explanation to why the answer is the answer haha. Reading you can easily figure out as their questions are very easy with the text in front of you. As for PAT, I really think you need good explanation (and I think 1-2 were wrong from the first test). As for science I liked them a lot: GenChem>Ochem>Bio ( a little random) I thought they covered a lot of material and didn't go toooooo much in detail. I think they will be good practice of the real test.
Second, I hate their math format. For example about 25% of their questions are worded this way:
"Quantity A: the cost of a shirt at a cost of p+11 dollars each
Quantity B: The cost of 6 pants at a cost of (s+p) dollars each

a) Quantity A is greater
b) Quantity B is greater
c) the two quantities are equal
d) you cannot determine the relationship with the information given"

That's literately everything. Like wth? Is this how the real QR section is?
I DO THINK that their math section is very good but I just don't get this type of problems. Like I can't see the mathematical question behind it lol.

Would I get Top Score? I would :p it's extra practice and honestly after Bootcamp (and maybe DAT Genius-haven't done it yet) I think it's gonna be the closest to the exam ( I'm saying this cause I've read so much stuff on SDN and that seems to be the general trend) If you think you have time to go over 2-3 tests I would do it but I would DEFINITELY go over Destroyer and some Bootcamp problems. I think its' CRUCIAL to go over the material instead of just doing tests. Sometimes when I just do tests I don't learn as much as when I actually actively try to learn and memorize stuff.

Top Score is very good practice in my opinion (better than Achiever) I think it would help you if you did it. You know best how you can study and what works best for you. Hope this whole description helped! Let me know if you have any questions about Top Score.

I have a question if anyone knows: is that format of question that's common on Top Score common on the real DAT? I've never seen those types of problems anywehre else. Thanks!!


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May 13, 2016
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The best thing you can do is go over things you are missing. Review the Bootcamp tests, but more importantly make sure you know all of the broad concepts. DAT Destroyer is invaluable, but at 5 days out, I would go through Cliffs for Bio, and just review Bootcamp tests for chemistry. After you review all your mistakes multiple times on the Bootcamp tests, Destroyer should be used from there.


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May 26, 2015
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Review destroyer and bootcamp. I'd say do one or two topscores just to keep your stamina up and maintain the mentality that you're going to have to sit there for about 5 hrs and endure the pain! I thought it was a decent program overall (ik it looks kinda ratchety xD).