1. orgoman22

    DAT Dr. Romano's Dynamite Biology Review - FREE

    Access them for free in our study group! Dr. Romano created these study notes to help you study the Biology section for the DAT or OAT. For students that need a Biology review this is an excellent supplement to the DAT and OAT Destroyer books. The Destroyer book is used by thousands of students...
  2. S

    DAT in one week! Kaplan full length vs. actual

    Hi everyone! Because I had taken all/a lot of the sections on DAT Bootcamp, I decided to try taking a full length from a different source. I just took Kaplans full length test 3 and score VERY BADLY (AA18) and am freaking out as my DAT is next Monday (7/23). This is my retake as I took the DAT...
  3. Pyraeus

    DAT Break Down - AA 24

    Hello, I just finished taking my DAT today, and I promised to post a break down. So here it goes. I hope it helps you a little bit on your studies. My DAT scores are: AA 24, TS 26, OC 26, GC 27, Bio 26, RC 16, QR 25, PAT 21 I studied about two months from 8am-8pm, sometimes until 5pm if I...
  4. T

    Canadian DAT (second try)

    I just recently took the American DAT. My results were: PAT: 21 Bio: 20 Ochem: 26 Gchem: 21 QR: 23 RC:20 AA: 22 I'm not very happy with these so I would like take the Canadian DAT (I live in Canada) in November. Right now everything is fresh in my mind from studying for 2-3 months for the...
  5. T

    DAT BOOTCAMP OR TOPSCORE (5 days to exam)?

    My exam is in 5 days and I have already done all bootcamp full lengths. With the time I have left, should I do new Topscore full lengths? or do dat bootcamp again/review the questions again? Or review Dat destroyer?