1. S

    DAT in one week! Kaplan full length vs. actual

    Hi everyone! Because I had taken all/a lot of the sections on DAT Bootcamp, I decided to try taking a full length from a different source. I just took Kaplans full length test 3 and score VERY BADLY (AA18) and am freaking out as my DAT is next Monday (7/23). This is my retake as I took the DAT...
  2. Pyraeus

    DAT Break Down - AA 24

    Hello, I just finished taking my DAT today, and I promised to post a break down. So here it goes. I hope it helps you a little bit on your studies. My DAT scores are: AA 24, TS 26, OC 26, GC 27, Bio 26, RC 16, QR 25, PAT 21 I studied about two months from 8am-8pm, sometimes until 5pm if I...
  3. T

    Canadian DAT (second try)

    I just recently took the American DAT. My results were: PAT: 21 Bio: 20 Ochem: 26 Gchem: 21 QR: 23 RC:20 AA: 22 I'm not very happy with these so I would like take the Canadian DAT (I live in Canada) in November. Right now everything is fresh in my mind from studying for 2-3 months for the...
  4. T

    DAT BOOTCAMP OR TOPSCORE (5 days to exam)?

    My exam is in 5 days and I have already done all bootcamp full lengths. With the time I have left, should I do new Topscore full lengths? or do dat bootcamp again/review the questions again? Or review Dat destroyer?