Jan 13, 2011
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AA: 21

First off, I would like to thank everyone on this board; so much inspiration and advice from real people in the same boat. After I finished my test I was really disappointed because I put in so much time and effort and was aiming for like a 23; but ended up 21; one more question:( mighta got a 22. But my friend in dental school put it in perspective. I guess I was always comparing myself to people on the boards and the ridiculous scores I see.

BIO: Cliff's Biology, like everyone else said. I thought DatQvault was helpful. I used alot of notes off the internet but for the most part I didn't study much for this section; there's just way too much info, know alot but not too deep.

CHEM and OCHEM: Chad's video is GOD!!!! DAT destroyer road map was okay; not any better than some list of reactions online. I basically threw the book away after my first time because it was too difficult compare to the real DAT. There was nothing hard; when I missed something it was something really random that no one covered. I know which ones I missed too. It was some stupid lab question on significant figures and I marked right choice and then change it and then realized it was wrong but ran out of time to find it again. Don't change you answers unless you are positive its wrong. Go with instinct. I went through the science section with 10 minutes to spare and was dumb to go back and change answers without reason.

PAT: My god this section was hard!!! I had three keyholes where it looked like they lifted Hawaii from the ocean and asked which keyhole it would fit through. I just guessed and skipped. Same thing for the hole punches. I mean all mine were hard. About 5 half holes and 3 double hole punches. The worst was the half-double hole punch. Spent about 3 seconds on that and just guessed. Wasn't even going to bother. Finished all the PAT with 5 minutes left. I needed to pee really bad so I just went on my break. I bought 10 CrackDAT test and did about two. I knew it was not that great of a program when I compared it to the 2009 sample test for 30$. My PAT section was even harder than that one. The keyhole is way too easy on crack; or it could be my version. The holes punches were about the same; maybe the dat was a bit harder. The pattern folding is terrible on CrackDAT and so is there cube counting. I had some weird illusion; what is that all about?

RC: I never studied for this section but did try a few methods on here. I'll put in my two cent but will avoid trying to say anything negative about any techniques. Just read the passage.... If its a hard passage then map it after you finish the paragraph and not during. I found that if I read the passage out of order I had no idea what I just read. But I read carefully and missed about three or for total for the section. Either way, I figured I'd have to do alot of reading if I get into dental school so why not just do what I'll have to do later on.

QR: Math Destroyer was awesome on this section. The questions were very similar but the DAT is easier; except for Trig. That just blew me away. You should get to know more trig functions if you want to ace this section.

What I used:************************************
Cliff's AP Bio was awesome, so was Math Destroyer; Chad is my hero!!! his videos on permutation is gold!! Top Score was okay; DAT achiever was garbage; DAT destroyer was not for me, besides the road map, which I didn't completely like; some of his reagents he used I didn't like. My low score in both chem was due to more of my mistakes for not concentrating on lab techniques; but that was my fault. I had about 3 total for both sections and I guessed on 2 of them.

I'm am actually not a science major. I graduated from business school 6 years ago and decided to go back and picked up a science book. I have a sub 3 gpa with my undergrad but since going back to school I have a 4.0 sgpa. If only I could go back in time and tell my younger self to study and not party so much. Give me your thoughts; I'm actually worried I didnt score high enough to get accepted; which was why I was bummed out when I saw it initally.

All in all I guess a 21 is not bad. Remember to eat a good breakfast and eat a protein bar before you go in. That gave me the extra energy I needed. In between sections, take 5 second and take a deep breath. You'll be okay:)


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Jun 25, 2009
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Great scores :thumbup:
a 21 is a 21... its in the 90%+ of applicants. Basically, you did better than 90%+ of people who take this test, I dunno about you, but thats a good darn score.
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