DAT Breakdown 26AA, 26TS

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May 6, 2015
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Just took my DAT yesterday! Haven't really used this site much, but the few DAT breakdowns I have gone through have immensely helped me mentally and physically prepare for the test, so I thought I'd give back by briefly detailing my preparation process.

A little background: Rising sophomore who just finished Orgo 1 this past semester, took Bio and Gen Chem through dual credit during high school. "Studied" for two months, though I really only started focusing in the last 3 weeks. Used Destroyer (10/10), BC (10/10), TopScore (7/10), Cliff's (9/10), and "Cracking the DAT" by Princeton Review (lmao/10).

PAT: 22
BIO: 26
GC: 27
OC: 24
RC: 27
QR: 27
TS: 26
AA: 26

PAT (22)
I had three to four unanswered pattern questions with a minute to go and a ton of keyhole and angle questions I was unsure of/didn't get to review, so I'm definitely happy about my 22. That being said, the only way to get better at this is to practice, practice, and practice until the concepts are second-nature and make sure you know why you got every practice question wrong/right, both things I really wish I did more of. BC is awesome for this, not sure about any other resources.

BIO (26)
Destroyer and BC, with Feralis and Cliff's to glue everything together. Breadth>depth.

GC (27)
Chad's is great, but practice is greater. Destroyer, again, is awesome for this, and BC is good too. Both a lot harder than the real thing.

OC (24)
Lowkey disappointed at how I did in this section, but, again, Destroyer and BC are crucial. Make sure to know every major reaction detailed in Destroyer.

RC (27)
Honestly lucked out and got passages in three topics I was already relatively familiar with, which made them super easy to comprehend. Just make sure to carefully read and not overthink every question; all the answers can be deduced from the passages.

QR (27)
Was pretty involved with competition math in high school, and all the stuff I learned from it was still relatively fresh in my head since I just finished my freshman year, so didn't study too hard for this section. I've heard good things about Math Destroyer, though.

Thanks for reading! Hope this helped!

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Wait... You're not even a sophomore yet!? Are you some kind of prodigy!!? Maybe I want proof of BOTH your age and DAT scores ;)
As a hopeful Asian premed, you need to have gotten at least 30 AA.




Just kidding!! Phenomenal scores and awesome breakdown! You need to treat yourself to something nice this weekend.
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This forum is starting to scare me lately.

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