DAT breakdown 7/19/13

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Jan 26, 2010
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Hey guys, I'll keep my breakdown short and simple.

PAT - 20
QR - 20
RC - 21
BIO - 19
GC - 22
OC - 28
TS - 21
AA - 22

First of all, thank you to all the SDNer's whose been supportive and helpful.

I am very happy with my scores, wish I did a little better in BIO but still happy even with the 19 in Biology since the only biology I took so far is the general biology, micro, and genetics.

I've studied for a month everyday, for about 5-7 hours a day even on the weekends.

Study Materials I Used: Chad's Videos for GC, KBB, Barrons, Cliffs Bio, DAT destroyer, Math destroyer Crack DAT Reading and QVault for only Biology and the sample tests for Qvault. I tried to take as many free sample tests, just to expose myself of different types of problems.

BIO - I think all of the materials I used were very useful, some have more info than others and some have info the others don't. QVault was very good in testing the material I have read from these books, and so was the practice tests from Barrons, KBB, DAT sample test 2009. The question was similarly worded to QVault, but the material was very random.

GC - CHADS CHADS CHADS. that is all. I also did DAT destroyer all the way through, and it did help me understand each concept more but definitely overkill.

OC - I barely studied for this section because I did very well in OC 1 and 2, made A's in both.

RC - I did 4 tests from CRACK DAT Reading, and it was really similar to the real thing, except the passages on the real thing was a lot longer. I had 3 science related topics, but were pretty interesting to read except one of them.

QR - I only used Math Destroyer, but this section is also very random. Some of the questions I had no idea how to do, but some were very easy. Just try to expose yourself with a lot of different types of problems and practice speed.

PAT - Only studied PAT using the practice tests from KBB and Barrons, also did the sample QVault for PAT, and Sample 2009 test.

I got to the testing site early, and they let me start early. No writing anything during tutorial. Pretty straightforward directions. It can get a little disturbing when people walk in and out of the door, throat clearing, etc. I wish they had only DAT takers in one room so the break was at the same time and testing at the same time.

All in all, I'm just glad I got that over with. PM if you have any questions.

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Hey congrats on being finished.

Question. I saw u did 4 CDR tests and said the DAT was alot longer. I have done 10 CDR tests so far and after test 4 the paragraphs per passages increased to 22-23 paragraphs a passage. So how many paragraphs would u say per passage on the actual DAT. Thanks
Tajlrak, I did the CDR reading as well. They will very rarely be that long. Most of the passages are 9-13 paragraphs on the real DAT, but you never know, there could be longer ones.

What RC topics did you get rasda? I'm just wondering if you had the same test I did. I had one on prions, another on genetic diseases, and one on fiber optics. All of them were actually pretty interesting too!
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Nope, i didnt have thoseand I think the first passage was about 20 paragraphs? I cant remember exactly how many but for sure longer than the 4 cdp reading passages. Id say the difficulty was about the same
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Nope, my passage werent on those topics, mine was telomeres, aging and something else.. and I think the first passage was about 20 paragraphs? I cant remember exactly how many but for sure longer than the 4 cdp reading passages. Id say the difficulty was about the same

Nice.:) I had that same test. But I don't think we should talk about the test topics that specifically. Not that I care, I just don't want you to get in trouble, not after those great scores, and they seem pretty strict about not sharing info after taking the test.
Congratulations on the job well done.

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Good job! Overkill is never a bad thing! Just makes you confident and prepared to get the best score you can possibly achieve .