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Dec 5, 2013
In this problem, they have done an ICE table for the Kp Problem. I understand that Kp is to be calculated the same way as other K constants such as Ksp and etc. However, in the solutions, they did an ICE table to solve for the Kp They have not canceled out the "X" amount from A or B (both reactants) as it was always considered negligible when I did the Ksp Problems. Chad's videos also shows that X is really low compared to the given concentrations so you cross it out and solve for the rest. In Destroyer, the negligible X amount in the calculation is kept in the answer until the end and solved for. This is a little different than doing calculations for the Ksp ICE table. Can anyone explain me the difference on why X was not considered negligible in this?

I hope I make sense, if not I apologize. DAT in 15 days so I am kind of going crazy!!!!
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