DAT destroyer question..

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Oct 19, 2009
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I heard that three time of review or higher will help you to do better on real DAT,

But I understand that biology section is right since more I memorize better I do better

However, for the chems part, is very different .. why do you guys think it is good to review more than one ??

I agree that I should go over the ones that I missed but just doubt that there is reason to do it review all, like two or three times...

for the chem sections, it seems like to me that memorizing 1+1 or do three or four times 1+1 question.... and on the exam asks 2+2 and I miss... that is what I think about chems subjects ..

why does doing three time reviewing chems part make you do better on real DAT ?



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Feb 1, 2008
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I'm having a bit of trouble understanding your questions clearly, but I think you're asking why people recommend or do review the DAT Destroyer chemistry sections more than once (up to 3 times), and that you think doing this just becomes memorization of the problems?

It's probably true that if you were able to answer a question the first time easily you needn't repeat solving that problem the second time. I think when people talk about reviewing 2-3 times they most likely do mean reviewing the ones that were either difficult or you couldn't solve them, not necessarily doing every problem over and over.

My only other thought is that by reviewing multiple times you might increase your speed at solving the problems and likely any chemistry problems including the ones on the actual DAT.

I would add that if you plan to review Destroyer more than once, you might consider reviewing a different source after the first time before going back to Destroyer for the second or third review, as it will help keep the Destroyer problems less fresh and less like you're just re-answering a question you might have some memory of.