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Mar 9, 2009
I just wanted to say thank you to everyone on SDN for all their help. Here's a breakdown of my grades and how I studied.

Pat: 18
Bio: 22
Gchem: 20
Orgo: 19
Reading: 20
Math: 17
AA: 20

The resources I used were 1st my gchem and organic textbooks, those were great! Then afterwards I used Destroyer and Topscore for practice. I felt Destroyer was really on target with the sciences and I used Cliffs Bio which was great for clarification. Make sure if you dont understand a bio term to google it, that helped!! I thought Kaplan white book was really good for the chemistries as well.

Reading: I bought topscore, achiever, and crack dat reading. I honestly didnt really crack dat reading, I didnt think it was representable of the exam. TOPSCORE WAS GREAT!!

Math: I used my sister's SAT books to refresh my memory with the math, and then I used the Math Destroyer which is excellent. I felt topscore math was too easy compared to the real exam.

Pat: I was scoring 20s with CDP. I think that the pattern folding was ridiculous and the angles were sooo close compared to CDP.

Anyways, best of luck to everyone else taking it. Feel free to ask questions.