DAT done! 7/18/09

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Jul 6, 2009
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hey all,
so i took my DAT this morning, and considering that i had a cold and was drugged up on dayquil, not bad!

PA: 25
QR: 17 (GRR!)
RC: 25
BIO: 19
GC: 19
OC: 20
TS: 20
AA: 20

that damn QR section... i spent too long on the first couple of questions, and ran out of time at the end and just put C for about the last six questions :(

do you guys think my science scores are competitive enough?

to study, i just used the kaplan DAT book and the barrons DAT book. perhaps i ought to have used one of those destroyer things that people keep talking about, though, it probably would have helped my QR! but, those two books had six practice exams between them, and i did the one on the website, so it was pretty good.

good luck everyone! :)

what was your strategy on RC cinnamon?


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Feb 18, 2009
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I dont seem to get this....this person got 19 bio 19 chem and 20 orgo and his ts is 20. i got 19 bio 22 chem 22 orgo and my ts is 20. how does that make sense?

TS is calculated for how many you got out of 100 for all the sciences, the window for a 20 is 81-85. The window for a 19 in bio is 32-33, windows for chem is 24-25(19) and 27(22), for orgo the windows are 23-24(19) and 26(22). So add it up if she got 33+25+24=82(20TS) and you got 27+26+32=85(20TS) sorry to tell you but if you got one more question right in any of the sciences than you wouldve had a 21TS. But dont dwell 20 is great......and congrats to the OP for great scores
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