DAT done 7/27/10

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Jul 28, 2010
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Here are my scores:

PAT 23 / 96.4%
QR 19 / 91.2%
RC 19 / 52.2%
BIO 18 / 63.9%
GC 17 / 46.8%
OC 19 / 71.1%
TS 18 / 63%
AA 18 / 62.8%

My GPA is below average. I worked full time while I earned my degree.

My application will be mailed 7/30/10. If I retake DAT on Oct., is it too late?

I haven't sent checks and 2nd materials yet.

Do I have chances? or save hundreds and apply next cycle?

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How below average is it? Below average compared to who?
If I were you, I would retake and apply next year. AA 18 is considered lower than average score which is 19~20 these days.
If your GPA is good(above 3.5) and if you get 21 or higher on your DAT on October then I think you have a chance this year but you should know that the people who apply before August have higher chance than people who apply in august or after.