Dat done 9/15/09

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Sep 15, 2009
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hi guys first and foremost i want to thank everyone here on this student doctor network... :thumbup:

( i had an interesting story my exam was scheduled at 9am so i got there at 8:30 but the center had technical difficulties so i couldn't take the test till 10:10am (which blowed i was hella nervous and sweating before i took my exam... and one thing make sure if you take your exam to be isolate or away from people taking the gre... the guy next to me took his gre and was pounding on the keyboard and talking out loud and another individual was also banging on the keyboard which i think is why i scored low on my pat due but all is done and now to have a beer............. (so make sure you asked to be awayfrom the gre students (a quick heads up)......

here are my score
bio -------20
chem -----20
ochem ----22
total science average (91.3%)

PAT ------17 :eek:
math ------17:) 9 i though i did worse that than this score)
academic average 19

before i give a break down i have a question for you guys with a 17 on a pat im i in a really bad situation... im not applying till next year is there anything i can do to make this up..... and should i retake the dat or go in with these scores.. your input will really help

for bio i thought the the first ten questions were really hard and way out there but after that the questions were chill straight to the point if you go over kaplan review notes and cliffs dat review practice test it will help and what i thought was helpful i took these books and made my review sheets like one page had a flow chart of the respiration cycle, another had the excretion cycle, digesion cycle, aerobic respiration and so on ( i went through my notes every week and it helped alot... the test ask for gernal knowledge........... i had a crazy question with a picture of an organelle and asked its funciton.. the picture was so fuzzy and couldnt tell what it was (so be prepared for anything..)

chem: wasnt that bad.. they had a lot of questions where they set up the formulas and if there were calculations it was easy to come with an answer..... for my review i used the kaplan review notes(the kaplan online subjects from the class were really good and helpful) dat destroyer was not a good source for chem....... they pound you with too much calculations.. the dat ask basic stuff so dont go over board on chem make sure you know the fundamentals and how the laws apply and etc (ex boyles law pressure doubles then the volume reduces by half... thats how the problems were but in different words.... . and if your stuck on the problem look at the units you can cancel out alot of answer choices which answer choices that have wrong end units etc...hope you guys can understand what im saying

ochem...... i used the kaplan review notes and subjects and dat destroyer... i think kaplan questions are hard than the real thing for this section.... the road maps from the dat destroyer were money... make sure you look over those and understand the reaction..... the questions were also really good as a practice

PAT:confused::confused::confused: this was my strongest point i was get an average of 23 on kaplan and 21 and 22 average on the crack the pat..... :mad: dont know what happen i think i lost my concetration due to the guy being so distracting.... but overall i skipped the first two sections and started straight on the angles (which were like the crack the pat not that bad) and keyholes were not that bad than crack the pat... cubes easy... pattern folding this was my strength i love these however on the actually test i got screwed my version was way harder and same goes for the keyholes..... the top front end were easier than the crack the pat....... this is just my opinion i probalby would have done better if it wasnt for the distractions but my best advice is if you go over the crack the pat and go over all your anser choices and understand how its folded and etc you will be okay (this package gives great explanation)...

reading------- i had floating brigdes, passage about neuroataomy and epidemio...... my best advice skip the first one the other two are really easy and search and destroy works for those two.... for the first on i mapped it (just a one word summery of the paragraph... however this passage had alot theory and inference questions.....

math :thumbup: i thought i bombed this section i didnt even finish the test i left three blank and question on the last two... but its a time game.. practice practice practice the questons are not that hard the 1st 20 qustions were pretty chill however the next 15 were time consuming and the last few problems are easy so my advice skip the word problems and do all the algebra questions and make sure you do the last few questions and then go back and do the word problems and you will get a better score than me easily.......................

thats my break down but i will tell you this one week before the test make sure you do a practice test 4 out of the seven days (spread it out maybe every other day etc.,... this will help you build your endurence and you can see what problems you are missing and go and touch up on it on your notes.......

my study habits ( i have to say i studied really hard the 1st month i went through kaplan blue book 3 times and made my notes and also read some text books on areas where i had weakness... for o-chem i took the book and for each chapter i read how each reaction works and did some practice problems for that section and that helped alot and made my revew for this subject more easier afterwards...
the last month i got really sick (my allergies were kicking in so the last two week i did alot of tests and and touch upon my weakness and went over my notes everyday.... i would also study bio one day chem the other ochem the following day and then take a practice test and the repeat this part... math i studied twice a month.... and thats it.....

i hope i helped you guys and if you have any more questions let me know and if you guys can help me on my question about my scores that will be really helpfull...................

good luck to everyone

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Great job! Thanks much for the breakdown.
Sorry to hear that the distraction hurt your PAT score. I get really thrown off when I get distracted during my PAT practicing so I can understand.

Check the list of schools you're applying to for PAT cutoffs, if you're clear then wooot!! If not, you might have to retake :(. Best of luck to ya!:luck::luck: