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Jun 11, 2011
Hey guys here is my write up.

My scores on the DAT:((taken with no accommodations)
BIO: 26 (99.7)
GC: 28 (99.0)
OC: 25 (96.6)
PAT: 23 (94.7)
RC: 19 (53.2)
QR: 18 (73.0)

TS: 26 (99.6)
AA: 23 (98.1)

Materials I used: KBB, chad videos, cliffs ap biology, cliffs ap chemistry, 2010 destroyer, 2010 math destroyer, crack dat pat (5 test), Top score.
The week before my test I felt as if I needed more practice in certain sections so I got more stuff to do: crackdat reading, achiever, datqvault, predds cue cards.

Biology: I thought this section was quite random like what everybody said. But the questions difficulty do range from very easy to very hard in a balance way. I read the cliffs bio compeltely, skimmed through KBB and separately on paper I would write out the bolded words of things I didnt know already. In a way making a last second study sheet of things I am weak on. I only tried the destroyer after reading the other books before hand. I thought it was very innefiecient to jump straight into destroyer due to the fact how the questions are so detailed.

GenChem: I watched chads videos. I did destroyer twice. read the cliffs chemistry and did their questions also. Relative to the DAT test, I thought the things I did were just about the same in difficulty. But ofcourse there were a few crazy questions on the test that required cross referencing certain chemistry topics. I think I prepared my self most for this section because both of my undergraduate professors really disliked me and never explained or helped me additionally in the topics I didnt fully understand.

Organic Chem: I did chads first and then destroyer. I was really strong at visualizing how reaction mechanisms occur so I didnt have much difficulty with the reactions. The NMR and labs concepts I did struggle to at first but I think chads videos did just find to prepare you for the test.

PAT: I did the crack dat pat (5 test). Being dyslexic I think I have an outstanding visual and 3d perception. I can freely manipulate objects in my mind and rotate them how ever I like in my mind. I went through all five tests once when I bought the program getting atleast a 25+ maxing out at 29. I never bothered doing them again after that. Relative to the actual dat, I would say everything is about the same in difficulty. I thought the angle ranking and Top front end was tough on the test. I was given a lot of those with angles facing random directions, and obtuse ones. I have some pretty crazy weird strategies that I use. I will try and do separate a write up on that. I expected pat to be my highest score but it seems like I made a few careless mistakes.

RC:..........oh man I was very frustrated at how I was reading. When I attempted to read fast it was as if nothing applied. When I read slow, I did a lot better but still scored very low on top score. What I did was a modified search and destroy where you would look at about half of the questions before reading and write out the key words. Read the whole passage while answering those specific questions and then focus on the remainding questions. A couple days prior to my test I did some reasearch on speed reading. Where we would completely by pass saying the word out loud in my mind and just viewing the words as individual pictures. The speed in which I was readying shot through the roof and my comprehension of the material was just about the same if not a little better. I didnt use this on the test but I am definately practicing it at the moment. I didnt get to do all of crack dat reading but it the ones I did were good practice.
Also I would be lying if I said my score wasnt affected by the malacious post of bobby fisher in my other thread right before my test. I ended up guessing quite a few and wasting a lot of time doubting my self. A definate lesson learned and my skin grown thicker.

QR: I did the math destroyer once, and practiced on topscore. I think my math is pretty good. I think how I performed on my readying effected my performance in math. BUT I MUST SAY, I think I wasted a lot of time on the calculator. The stupid mouse I had didn't properly selected the number I wanted as I clicked feriously on the button.. My advice here would be to practice with out the calculator if you can. You will move a lot faster im my oppinion.

Being dyslexic, I constantly feel as if I have a chip on my shoulder. I can tell you that if I was awake I was studying. I kept track of my hours studying with a stop watch every day. Stopping it when I go eat or rest my neck and back from the excruciating pain I get from sitting for so long. On average I studied from 10-12 hours a day, Sundays I never studied, some saturdays I would reward myself by going out to relax for a few hours with friends. I must admit there were a few times when I gave in to the neck and back pains in which I was forced to lay down and rest up my body until I can continue studying (if any of you guys have advice on getting around this please private message me!)

Again, like what I stated in my other post. I have great work ethics and discipline. I don't believe in over studying. If anyone did what I did I wouldnt be surprise if you made all 26+. My motivation during this time was reading some of the god like DAT done write ups and using it as motivation to do just as good.
My stats are 3.72 overal gpa and probly a little higher in science gpa. (freshman gpa was a 3.33). I have yet to finish my application. I expect it to be complete within the next two weeks at the latest. I go to Texas AM (biology major, chemistry minor) and Im applying to all the texas schools and some out of state like lsu, okla homa, arizona, florida, and new york. What other schools should I apply to? and can you guys let me know where I stand given my scores and stats and having not applied yet please.

Also I truly hope I inspire you guys to study a lot for your exam. Keep studying, I wish you all the best. Feel free to ask questions. I love helping others.


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Feb 17, 2010
Sure you're dyslexic? Haha kidding! Those are amazing scores + GPA!!!! Wonderful job, I bet it feels good for all that studying to have paid off! Good luck this cycle :)
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Jun 10, 2011
Holy Cow! Congrats!!!! I honestly think that with your GPA and high scores, you have a good chance of getting interviews at a lot of schools. Texas schools are definitely going to be your best bet tuition wise, but what about adding UOP or either of the Midwesterns?


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Jul 11, 2009
New York
Nice job dude. You don't need to apply to other schools as a Texas resident. I'm sure you'll get into at least one of your state schools, if not all of them.

Actually, I would think it would be more difficult for certain state residents with high stats to get accepted into the more popular OOS programs since those schools must assume that the candidate will most likely get accepted into their state schools and thus the OOS programs are more reluctant in offering admission as a "backup" school.


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Jun 13, 2009
Great post, great scores.

I'd apply still apply of state as well, Texas can be finicky although I do think you'll probably get into all 3.

Just FYI, one of my friends is dyslexic and has the reading level of a 9th grader, he graduated dschool last year. He had some major struggles, but definitely did well, he told me he sort of had no choice. Seems it pushed him to do even better. He didn't make a 23, so you'll probably be at the top of your class :)

EDIT: dude. I just bobby's post. Unbelievable.

In terms of what schools to apply to it's a broad question. I do think you'll get into tx schools, but it wouldn't hurt to research a few out of state based on your own preferences etc.
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Jul 28, 2010
lol "...if I'm awake, I'm studying." Yeah that's the mantra alright.
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